Top Secret Lashes are made from 100% natural human hair. Human hair lashes means that the fabric/fibre is from natural sources and therefore more natural looking, feeling more natural and less processed. They have a lighter feel and are more comfortable on your eyes. The band is also a lot more pliable to fit your own unique eye shape. Our lashes will give you those fuller and more natural looking beautiful lashes. Make your eyes look awake and fresh and also give yourself a lovely eye popping look – great for photo shoots, filming, nights out, events, stage competitions, proms, weddings, and more.




These smudge free Eyebrow and Eye Pencils are long lasting and great to use in all temperatures if going on holidays or in a full lit studio. They have one pigment to prevent it looking a different colours in the light and the pigment is natural colours.

Black – £14.00 / Brown – £14.00 (more colours available soon)


Hydrophilic Polyurethane Non Latex are used to apply concealer and foundations to the skin easily. To buff the skin for full coverage and covering blemishes, lines and in perfections. You need to slightly damp the Sponge for best use and also the end of the sponge allows for contouring techniques.

£12.00 each (mini pink – as shown above, more colours coming soon)